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Oriental Facial Massage

A 1-day workshop for practitioners of bodywork
Dates: Sun 25 February 2012
Fee: £95.00 (incl. £30 deposit req'd on registration)
Venue: The Clophill Centre, Shefford Rd, Clophill, Bedfordshire MK45 4BT

About this workshop ...

This workshop teaches a complete facial treatment that employs principles and techniques from China and Japan, It can be used along side other facial or neck and head work or as a stand alone facial treatment.

We will look at a series of moves intertwined with acupressure point work that encourages deep relaxation of key frown and tension holding muscles (e.g. the masseter) as well as having an effect on upper body tension.

This is essentially a practical day and includes techniques and exercises to:

  • Enhance our working position.
  • Develop the sense of touch.
  • Introduce or refine knowledge and use of acupressure points on the face and skull.

Who is it for ...

This treatment would be ideally suited for practitioners of therapies such as Indian Head Massage; Holistic Massage; Swedish Massage; Cranial Osteopathy; Beauticians, etc., but would also augment the treatment of other bodywork practitioners who have a specific interest in the face.

Applicants should hold suitable certification and insurance in a bodywork modality or style.

Please contact the office if you have any queries.


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This Hetoh workshop held at ...

The Clophill Centre
Shefford Road
MK45 4BT