Making Connection

An exciting 2-day workshop for practitioners of bodywork
Dates: Sat 02 June - Sun 03 June 2012
Fee: £95.00 (incl. £30 deposit req'd on registration)
Venue: The Clophill Centre, Shefford Rd, Clophill, Bedfordshire MK45 4BT

About this workshop ...

Central to therapy (bodywork, or other) is the interplay between mind and body. It is now generally accepted that how well a therapist and client relate to each other is important to improving the client's condition.

During this 1-day workshop we look at the awareness that is central to maximising the benefits of the client - therapist relationship. The day will be exploratory and includes listening on the physical, emotional and cerebral levels and includes techniques and exercises to:

  • Stay centred.
  • Enhance bodywork technique through using your body's natural movement.
  • Further empathetic ability.
  • Improve palpatory literacy.
  • Improve and work on correct borders and boundaries.

Who is it for ...

Applicants should hold suitable certification and insurance in a bodywork modality or style (e.g. Osteopathy; Chiropractic; Mctimmoney; Sports Massage; Bowen Technique; Shiatsu; Holistic Massage, etc.)

Please contact the office if you have any queries.

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This Hetoh workshop held at ...

The Clophill Centre
Shefford Road
MK45 4BT