Training Workshops

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Hetoh runs a series of courses whose focus is to provide health care practitioners with a variety of professional and personal development workshops that can further the skills for successful client / patient interactions.

Why Enrol On A BODY In BALANCE course?

Central to therapy (body work or other) is the interplay between mind and body. It is now generally accepted that how well a therapist and client relate to each other is significant in helping someone to feel better.

This dynamic is full of opportunity as well as pitfalls. Critical within this setting is listening both to the client and attending to the self. This form of listening is on the cerebral and emotional level as well as the physical.

Hetoh workshops include looking at:

  • Enhancing technique through correct use of the body
  • Ethical thought and being
  • Effective add on techniques
  • Listening & communication skills
  • Successful client/patient process
  • Therapeutic Relationships
  • Self awareness
  • Self care

Some Commonly Experienced Practitioner Issues

Personal Well-being:

Do you sometimes feel drained?
Have you ever felt like you were ‘burning out’?
Do you take the time to look after yourself effectively?

Time Management:

Is your treatment time effectively managed? Are you tempted to give some clients extra time?
Do you make time for yourself?

Treatment Style:

Do you feel your style of treatment is effective? Does it yield the results you aim for?
Has the practice of your therapy left you open to any form of repetitive strain?

Client / Patient:

Do you find that some clients / patients leave you feeling more drained than others, either physically, mentally or emotionally?
Do some clients seem to require more in time or energy than others?
Are you good at what you do but sometimes feel a lack of connection?